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How to choose a 3PL provider for imports and exports?

Given the reactivation of the economy worldwide, as well as the new challenges imposed by consumers, reaching new markets is a key factor in the strategy of any business.
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Therefore, supply chain management optimization should be a priority for companies seeking to manage their imports and exports efficiently.

Outsourced logistics, or 3PL, consists of using an external operator to carry out the company’s logistics operations, and is an integral solution that offers multiple advantages, such as the reduction of delivery times, which provides greater satisfaction to the end customer.

How to choose a logistics service provider that aligns with your business goals? Some of the points you should take into account are:

  • Transportation and distribution of cargo that adapts to your storage needs, temperature, weight, dimensions, etc., anywhere in the world.
  • Good inventory management and control, as well as all the complementary services your goods need, such as packing and packaging.
  • Advice on regulations, customs procedures, legal matters, conditions of entry and exit of the country for each type of merchandise, etcetera.
  • Last mile services that allow you to get your products to the end customer or to the stores.
  • After-sales service that helps your company secure the trust and loyalty of your buyers.
  • Technology that allows real-time tracking of products.
  • Performance indicators that guarantee the fulfillment of your goals.

Find out here the services for international logistics that we can offer you at ABC® Logística and contact us for more information.

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