ABC Logística Services

Services / Introduction

At ABC Logística, we understand that with every product processed at our facilities comes a particular set of requirements, which respond to its distinct distribution channel, whether traditional or not.

We are focused in creating supply chains of the outmost precision, designed in accordance to our clients merchandise requirements. Time and experience – along with our desire to become an integral service provider – have allowed the company to develop tailor-made processes that allow us to offer an holistic logistics approach to every type of business. Based on precision, scalability, speed and quality of service, we have reached high fulfillment standards, which allows our clients to better position their brands in highly competitive markets.

Our services comply with retail, e-commerce, traditional and omni-channel , and we’re ready to become your logistics partner no matter size nor sector.

Services / Core Services
Core Services / storage

We know all about managing inventories, physical spaces and stocking goods. That’s why ABC® wants to be your trusted partner as a 3PL warehousing provider; we’ve built our business on your success.

To us, supply chains are second nature so we can offer tailor-made solutions for every type of project. If your business has a seasonal nature, we provide limited term services to suit your needs.

  • Storage in our facilities with state-of-the-art security system
  • Inventory control via in-house Warehouse Management System ( ABC® WMS )
  • Secure, personalized real-time transactions with total transparency
  • Adaptable storage systems to suit clients merchandise and mobility requirements
Core Services / Distribution

When your focus is on making your company grow, ABC can be your trusted partner in making it possible. Our distribution services are designed to make everyday tasks easier and consolidate your business. We’ll make sure your packages arrive to their final destination in time and form, whether your channel is B2B, wholesale, retail or online.

Our services include dedicated and consolidated transport, ground shipping and air parcel. We can also offer:

  • International logistics services as import / export customs brokerage firm
  • Reverse logistics
  • National and international door-to-door services
  • Customs counseling
  • Truck monitoring through GPS tracking
Core Services / Bonded Warehouse

If your business involves the handling of foreign merchandise, ABC Logística can help, as our facilities are enabled as bonded warehousing. This allows us to offer our clients an integral approach to suit their needs, from storage and inventory management to distribution and logistics.

Our bonded warehousing services allows us to offer many advantages to our customers including:

  • Obsolescence risk minimization
  • Deferred tax payment once goods are imported
  • Re-exporting of goods and merchandise, even without them being nationalized
  • Verifications, inspections, adaptations, certifications and any other processes required by goods and merchandise, even without them being nationalized
Services / Fulfillment Services
Fulfillment Services / Retail

We are your product’s last stop before reaching its final destination, whether that may be a logistics center, a retailer distribution center or even other warehouses. That’s why at ABC we are keenly aware of how important on-time and reliable conveyance is to our clients. We provide you with proof of delivery – emitted by final recipients – and work under the utmost cleanliness and precision standards.

You can trust ABC® to meet every DC delivery standards, from packaging to proper product ID. Our company’s integral approach include shipping your goods by ground transport in state-of-the-art units with GPS monitoring, driven by profesional GTOs and tracked from the point they leave our facilities until reaching their final destination and received by the final customer. Every client has access to our proprietary platform where they can verify the status of their orders and inventory at any time, while our customer service personnel is ready to handle every request and question that may arise.

Fulfillment Services / e-commerce

As part of our company’s objective to earn our clients trust and become a reliable partner as a 3PL supplier, at ABC we have developed proprietary software that allows for agility and effectiveness of operation, while assuring complete transparency of their goods whereabouts in real time.

From the moment a customer makes an online purchase, ABC is notified through an internal message with specific order details, which is followed-up from preparation to delivery to final destination. We handle every single detail. No intermediaries, no delays, no extra storage time. Our company’s proprietary software grants our team the ability to guarantee continuity and accuracy on all our services, all the while our clients continue to make their business grow.