Store your merchandise in a secure location and have visibility of inventory movements.

Anytime, anywhere .

– We store in racks, floor and shelving .

We have a civil liability policy that covers damages to third parties.

Our warehouses have 24/7 camera surveillance and monitoring.

– You will have access to the WMS (Warehouse Management System) developed in-house so that you can consult your inventory whenever you want.

– We compact pallets so you pay only for the space you use.

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    Do you require a short stay to condition your orders?

    Reduce your storage and delivery times by using the Cross Dock.

    We receive your merchandise from different origins, prepare your orders and ship nationwide within days.

    – Deconsolidation + packaging of pallets / boxes.

    Order preparation.

    – Re-labeling of boxes.

    Nationwide distribution in pallets or bulk boxes.

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      Make use of the bonded warehouse to store your merchandise for up to 24 months, paying taxes only on the products you want to nationalize .

      Partial nationalization of your merchandise, as required.

      – Up to 24 months to nationalize, re-export or return your goods to origin

      Pay only the taxes on the merchandise you remove from the bonded warehouse.

      Label your merchandise for NOM compliance prior to nationalization.

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        PICK, PACK


        Do you have an online store or do you sell in a marketplace?

        We assemble your store orders and ship to your customers nationwide, to self-service stores, department stores, end customers and any marketplace.

        Our WMS is connected to Shopify, WooCommerce and VTEX.

        We prepare your orders for shipping to Amazon, MercadoLibre, Liverpool, Coppel or any marketplace.

        We perform labeling, packaging, repacking and assembly of kits.

        – We ship your products nationwide.

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          ADDED VALUE

          Yay! Give an extra touch to your orders.

          We recondition your orders, label, assemble the kits and ship them for you, just the way you want your customers to receive them.

          – Labeling (NOM, Marketplace, special requests) and relabeling.

          Kit assembly.

          Packaging and repackaging of products.

          Insertion of manuals, warranties, others.

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            From our warehouses we distribute your orders to Distribution Centers, Retailers (WallMart, Liverpool, Coppel), Marketplaces (Mercado Libre, Amazon, Linio) and end customers.

            We ship from single boxes, pallets, to dedicated trucks and trailers.

            Nationwide distribution in bulk boxes or pallets.

            – We have a platform for monitoring units and alert systems.

            We are integrated with the parcel platforms for shipping and tracking of orders 1 to 1.

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