Journal Entry
We celebrate fifteen years creating logistics solutions

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone; Like never before, humanity has faced common challenges that have led us to change the way we live.

For ABC® Logistics, 2020 also represents a year of growth. Fifteen years after having emerged as an opportunity to provide warehouse services to a global company, today we are positioning ourselves as a comprehensive company, capable of offering the best logistics and storage solutions, with the aim of helping our clients grow, regardless of the size of your business.

Throughout these fifteen years, we have worked with a vision of constant change, in order to always be at the forefront and differentiate ourselves from other companies. Thus, from our beginnings, we have developed a key tool to meet our clients’ expectations: our Warehouse Management System (WMS), which allows them to have the information they need to manage their inventory, almost in real time.

Another of the main changes that has allowed us to learn, has been the diversification of the industries we provide services to. During this time, we have provided logistics, storage and transportation solutions to companies ranging from a local food producer to transnational telecommunications companies.

We started our digital transformation in 2018 to continue evolving with the world. This has led us to know more precisely the behavior and demand of products, using data science to obtain timely information that allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers. In addition, thanks to the integration of our WMS to e-commerce, we are streamlining our processes and offering real-time monitoring of products.

Thus, faced with a year of changes, at ABC® Logística we celebrate fifteen years of working to continue providing our services with the same speed and precision; learning from the challenges and experiences that will make us grow together, because we understand that your business is ours.