Journal Entry
The importance of WMS in warehouse performance during the shopping season

If there is something that has distinguished the work at ABC throughout our history, it has been the use of our WMS ( Warehouse Management System ) to constantly improve productivity and performance of warehouse operations.

The end of the year shopping season is one of the periods of greatest demand, to which we must adapt and respond. If this year, in addition, we consider the changes in consumer preferences that the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it, this season has demanded greater efficiency and speed.

Having an automated process through the WMS has allowed us to have a greater capacity to fulfillment , and thus meet the expectations of our customers. What do we consider to be the key points in the logistics process where our software makes a difference?

One of the most important is the picking accuracy , an indicator that helps us ensure that each package contains exactly the product that the customer orders. In this way, we help companies avoid product return and replacement costs.

Another key stage in the process is pack , in which with the help of the WMS, we validate the quantity of products, the addresses and all the relevant data for the correct delivery of the package.

Thanks to the WMS we have also been able to give greater security to the processes, through IRA (Inventory Record Accuracy ) greater than 99.9%, a measure that helps us ensure that the registered inventory coincides with the physical inventory, thus facilitating everyone’s work, especially in peak seasons.

In ABC Logistics we know that the satisfaction of thousands of clients depends on our work; and we will continue to improve because we understand that your business is ours.