Journal Entry
Tax warehouse: opportunities for international trade

Throughout fifteen years, at ABC® Logística we have created a broad portfolio of services that allow us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. Since 2009 we have the authorization of our warehouse as a Fiscal Warehouse, a customs regime that allows us to protect merchandise from abroad until the final destination of the cargo is finalized.

Through the Fiscal Warehouse, at ABC® Logística we help our clients to improve the management of their resources and the optimization of their operations, since this regime allows them to keep their merchandise in our warehouse without making the corresponding tax payments established by the customs laws for a stipulated period. Once the merchandise reaches our Warehouse, our team is in charge of complying with the Official Mexican Regulations and, subsequently, the client can make their total or partial imports, which allows them to make deferred tax payments until the moment in that the merchandise leaves the Warehouse.

Among other advantages that we offer through the Fiscal Warehouse, are the verifications, inspections, adaptations, certifications and any other process required for the merchandise, even before nationalizing it.

Furthermore, for us, this customs regime represents the opportunity to offer other services to importing clients, such as distribution, storage and inventory management; In this way, they no longer have the need to contract different suppliers throughout the supply chain and can focus their attention where their brand requires it most.

Our experience throughout all these years allows us to see great opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets for many sectors, and at ABC we are ready to help you boost your business.