Journal Entry
International logistics: ABC® services to optimize your supply chain

Logistics is a key part of international trade. A good management of it in the supply chain is a competitive advantage for companies, which is reflected not only in the service to their customers, but also in the efficiency and costs of their processes.

International logistics is a set of operations destined to transport raw materials or finished products from a country of origin (exporter) to a country of arrival (importer), where the resources received will be used for the manufacture of products or for their direct marketing. .

At ABC® Logistics, we help our clients who import or export to optimize technical, financial and human resources within their supply chain through our logistics services, including:

  • We have the ability to offer land, sea or air transportation for your merchandise. The type of transport is defined according to the country of origin and destination, the value and volume of the product, the delivery time, among other factors.
  • Customs Broker. We take care of coordinating the entire inspection process and compliance with the legal and fiscal regulations in force in each country, according to the type of merchandise.
  • We offer the protection of products in our warehouse, adapting to the requirements of your merchandise.

In summary, our role is to act as intermediaries between our clients and suppliers, buyers, shipping companies, carriers, customs agents, etc. In this way, we facilitate their operational processes, so that they can focus their attention where their company requires it.

Would you like to know more about our services? I invite you to get in touch: [email protected]. Together we can find a solution that suits your needs.