Why choose the Tax Warehouse regime for your imports?

When importing, all merchandise entering the country must be designated to a customs regime Through an official document, which specifies the intended destination of said merchandise.

Customs regimes are all operations in charge of giving a specific destination to a merchandise, according to the request that the importer or interested party presents at customs. Currently, there are 6 customs regimes, do you know which is the one that best suits your international trade operations?

  • Definitive: it is the entry of merchandise from abroad to remain in the national territory for an unlimited time.
  • Temporary: in this case, the entry of merchandise from abroad is for a limited time and with a specific purpose.
  • Transit of merchandise: it can be internal —the transfer of merchandise from one national customs office to another—, or international —it is carried out from one international customs office to another but crossing our country.
  • Preparation, transformation or repair of the controlled premises: the goods enter said premises to be returned abroad or to be definitively exported.
  • Strategic controlled area: it is the entry of foreign merchandise for a limited time, so that they can be handled, stored, distributed, sold, repaired or transformed.
  • Fiscal Warehouse: consists of the storage of merchandise of foreign origin in a General Warehouse of Deposit -AGD-, which, must be accredited by the customs authority. This regime allows the products to be stored for a period of up to 24 months, without the need to pay the corresponding taxes, until such time as it is needed, either in whole or in part.

At ABC® Logistics, we have enabled our warehouse as a Fiscal Deposit, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service to our clients. In addition, we also have the experience to coordinate compliance with the Official Mexican Standard for imports and, if you require it, we take care of all the logistics services necessary for the goods to reach the end customer.

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