What will the new regulations on the sale of products online be like?

According to data from the International Data Corp, during 2020, e-commerce was one of the pillars that helped keep the economy active, allowing small and large companies to continue connecting with their consumers.

This growth for e-commerce, as well as the increase in transactions, also brought some risks for customers. That is why the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) is working on the creation of a new mandatory standard that will aim to regulate e-commerce in our country.

The current regulation of e-commerce was created by different government entities, such as the Ministry of Economy and Profeco, and its main points of action focus on the care of personal data, consumer rights, regulation of the advertising on electronic platforms, guarantees and returns, as well as product identification. All this to improve the consumer experience through digital media and forcing both sellers and buyers to improve online operations.

So far, the changes or adjustments that Profeco would put in the new NOM that will regulate e-commerce have not been specified, it has only been advanced that it implies its mandatory compliance to all those who carry out commercial operations on the internet.

These laws go beyond the protection of consumer rights, and help sellers to have a support on their sales. Therefore, it is important for companies to know and implement them as part of their processes.

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