What will be the most successful businesses during Hot Sale 2021?

The expected date arrived: the Hot Sale, the first major season of online discounts this year, arrived with great sales expectations.

According to the most recent Purchase Intention Report, published by the Mexican Association for Online Sales -AMVO-, 8 out of 10 buyers are thinking of acquiring a product or service during the Hot Sale 2021, of which 52% are interested. on buying items online.

The growth trend in online shopping is clear, and in the same way, consumer expectations have increased. For this reason, the Hot Sale represents not only a great opportunity for participating companies, it also implies the responsibility of complying with the demands of buyers, who this year hope to be able to compare prices and a variety of items before making their purchase, as well as finding more promotions and discounts.

The home delivery method will be one of the biggest challenges to face during this edition, since 88% of consumers claim to prefer home delivery, while only 13% will choose to pick up their products in physical stores.

Given the high expectations, what will be the online businesses that will be successful in the first discount season of the year?

  • Those who correctly communicate their promotions. Offering promotions and discounts is important, but correctly communicating delivery times and costs is key. For this reason, it is important that the development of promotions is carried out in a coordinated manner between the marketing, logistics, customer service departments and all those involved.
  • Businesses that have good inventory management. This not only streamlines all logistics operations, it also ensures that customers will receive the product they expect.
  • Companies that have the ability to optimize their logistics processes. The Hot Sale can bring increases in sales of up to 50%, and this is directly reflected in the operations, so having a supplier of fulfillment It is the best alternative to maintain a good level of service and delivery times.

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