What is fulfillment for online stores?

The efficient operation of an e-commerce depends on different components involved in different stages of the purchase process: from the operation of the website, to the integration of the means of payment. However, in recent months, due to the growing demand for online products and confinement conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, another component has taken on special relevance: the process after the purchase click, related to preparation and dispatch of what the client acquired.

Have you ever heard the term e-commerce fulfillment or e-fulfillment ? Probably yes, since it is used to describe the set of procedures that an order goes through from the moment the purchase is made until the product reaches the end consumer. In other words, e-commerce fulfillment is responsible for complying with the logistics service of storage, preparation and distribution of products, in addition to providing customer service.

Among the processes that are put in place to fulfill orders in e-commerce are:

  • Storage and stock management: Having good inventory control helps optimize shipping times, as well as minimize errors.
  • Picking or order preparation: This is the order preparation process, where the products are selected and collected from the different places in the warehouse. A good control of this process avoids incorrect deliveries.
  • Packing: It refers to the entire process of packing, packaging and packaging a product. When this process is carried out correctly, damage to the goods that could cause subsequent changes or returns is avoided.
  • Distribution or shipment: In this step the total fulfillment of the product’s output is carried out. Here the most important point is efficiency and delivery in adequate times that guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Customer service: Once the package has been sent, customers look for a follow-up to check the status of the package. This service improves the brand perception of end customers.


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