The importance of the Hot Sale for e-commerce in Mexico: 2020 results

2020 was a year of accelerated change due to the Covid-19 pandemic; One of them was the growth of e-commerce in Mexico and in the world, which is why many companies had to adapt to these new consumer trends by implementing changes in their strategy and operations. A few months after the start of the confinement in Mexico, the Hot Sale gave us a clear idea of how the evolution of online shopping would be in our country.

The Hot Sale was born in 2014 as an initiative to help promote the use of electronic commerce through discounts and promotions. Organized by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), throughout these years the project has been adding participating brands and consumers but, without a doubt, 2020 was a very important year for this event and for the companies that decided to join.

According to the 2020 Hot Sale Results Report published by the AMVO, 525.1 million visitors were registered to the sites of the participating businesses, generating a growth of 99% compared to 2019.

The total sales generated amounted to $ 20.1 billion pesos, with which the retail sector experienced a growth of 158% compared to the previous year, with the most sold categories being fashion, cell phones and household appliances.

Another of the most interesting figures reported is that 12.3 million Mexicans bought during this edition of the Hot Sale, of which 58% were new customers who purchased a product for the first time during this e-commerce event. Not surprisingly, these shoppers said they learned about deals 80% through social media, 57% through web advertising, and 42% through television.

Although some of the main reasons why consumers bought during the 2020 Hot Sale were related to confinement due to Covid-19, more than 40% of buyers perceive that through the Internet it is easier to find promotions and discounts, in addition that it is easier for them to shop for prices and variety before making their purchase.

According to many experts, the growth of e-commerce and consumer preferences after the pandemic are here to stay, so surely in the 2021 edition, the Hot Sale will break records again.

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