The importance of Indicators to prevent errors in logistics processes

Given the growth that the e-commerce In recent months around the world, adequately managing customer expectations has become a challenge not only for retailers , but also for logistics service providers, who play a key role in the shopping experience, especially in high demand peaks during sales seasons, such as the Hot Sale.


According to the AMVO Online Sales Study 2020, for Mexican consumers, price is no longer part of the Top 5 reasons to buy online, while the possibility of receiving home purchases has become the main reason. That is why measuring the efficiency of the logistics process in the delivery of products is essential to ensure a successful shopping experience.


Among the indicators to take into account to measure the performance at this point in the supply chain are:


  • On-time shipping. It shows us the percentage of orders that left the warehouse on time.
  • Picking accuracy. It is an indicator that helps to ensure that each package contains exactly the product that the customer orders. In this way, return or replacement costs of products are avoided.
  • Delivery time. Average delivery time is measured from the moment the order is placed until the moment it is delivered to the customer.
  • Inventory Record Accuracy. It is a measure that helps us to ensure that the registered inventory matches the physical inventory, thus facilitating everyone’s work, especially in the peak seasons.


At ABC® Logistics we have the tools that help us ensure quality in our processes. Likewise, we offer our clients the data of the performance of their shipments, in order to help them make the best decisions. Learn more about our services here.