The importance of fulfillment for SMEs in Mexico

The acceleration of electronic commerce in the world due to changes in consumer habits derived from contingency is undeniable. According to the Latin America E-commerce 2020 study, it is estimated that 10.8 million consumers in this region made their first online purchase last year.

In our country, e-commerce have reported a significant growth in their sales, according to the 2020 Electronic Commerce Study of the AMVO:

  • 17% have grown between 1% and 49%
  • 8% have grown between 50 and 99%
  • 17% have grown between 100% and 199%
  • 13% have grown between 200% and 299%
  • And 24% of e-commerce has grown more than 300%

SMEs are within this group of businesses that have benefited from online sales. During the first half of 2021, these businesses have declared a 100% growth in sales generated through their digital channel. How can small and medium-sized companies compete to meet the needs and demands of customers, and thus offer a good shopping experience? One of the most important steps to achieve this is to outsource the storage and shipment of products with specialized suppliers, that is, to have a service of fulfillment .

Fulfillment is a term used in logistics to define the set of processes or services involved in the handling of a product or order, such as planning, manufacturing, reception, storage, shipping or distribution. Therefore, it is essential to ensure good performance of the online business.

Among the advantages that a good service from fulfillment offers you are:

  • Increased profitability
  • Savings in operating costs
  • Easy to adapt to the volume of orders
  • Effectiveness and quality service

At ABC® Logistics we have the experience and tools that allow us to offer agile and effective operating processes for e-commerce, from the preparation of the order, until it reaches the end customer. Known here everything we can offer to your company, regardless of its size or business.