The importance of e-commerce platforms

During the last few years we have witnessed the unprecedented growth of the e-commerce industry; With this, many companies had to start their digitization, and others had to revolutionize their online distribution channel to meet the demand of their customers.

One of the main challenges faced by companies seeking to implement an online channel is the selection of the online sales platform for their business, which is key to developing their strategy, improving the shopping experience of your customers, have good inventory management, as well as process orders more efficiently.

The Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO) recently published a list of the most common platforms in Mexico to make or modify your e-commerce, among which are:

  • Mercado Shops by Mercado Libre. It is one of the five business units of Mercado Libre, launched three years ago as a platform for sellers to create their own online store. It offers software to set up online stores from scratch, which also allows the integration of all the products of the Mercado Libre ecosystem, so that sellers can have access to all the benefits offered by (Mercado Libre) the marketplace plus largest in Latin America.
  • This e-commerce technological solution is designed for micro, small, medium and large companies to create their own self-managed online store in a simple, agile and intuitive way. It adapts to each type of business allowing the design of each store to be unique, as well as giving the possibility of installing applications and integrating custom developments. In a few hours, an entrepreneur or company can set up their own online platform and manage it autonomously, simply and quickly.
  • Adobe Commerce. Adobe Commerce brings together digital commerce, order management, and predictive intelligence into a unified commerce platform, enabling shopping experiences across a wide range of industries. This platform has a portfolio of 300 thousand companies around the world.

Choosing an e-commerce platform that suits your needs is an essential tool to boost your sales, but the most important thing is to build a comprehensive strategy for your business, including logistics and fulfillment services. Known here services for online sales that we offer at ABC® Logística and get in touch with us.