The impact of e-commerce on international logistics in Mexico

In recent years, e-commerce and export to other countries have become some of the main strategies for companies to see their businesses grow. This has been observed mainly in SMEs, according to the “Study on Online Sales”, published by the Mexican Association of Online Sales.

Currently, 6 out of 10 SMEs already sell their products online in Mexico, and 54% are thinking of exporting their products with the help of online sales channels. For this reason, logistics has become part of the product that a company offers its end customers. Delivery times, real-time tracking and after-sales service are now some of the basic requirements that a consumer evaluates when deciding to make an online purchase, and this is accentuated when it comes to international shipments.

To solve these needs, companies must have an international logistics strategy that considers factors such as:

  • The place of origin and destination of your products.
  • The volume, weight and other characteristics.
  • Restrictions, regulations, taxes and fees.
  • The customer’s shipping and tracking preferences.

Due to the costs, structure, experience and personnel that these processes require, outsourcing is the best logistics option for companies, especially for SMEs. For all this, it is important to choose a service provider fulfillment capable of storing, receiving orders, shipping and distributing products; the management of importing or exporting to new markets, as well as complying with current regulations for entering or leaving the country.

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