The expectations of online consumers for the Good End 2021

The tenth edition of the Good End will take place from November 11 to 17 and, although the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet been overcome in our country, the current health, economic and mobility conditions are very different from those of the year last.

In 2020, Buen Fin obtained 238.9 billion pesos in total sales, of which e-commerce generated 36 billion pesos, presenting a growth of 225% compared to the last two years. According to the Good End 2020 Results Report, presented by the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), 5 out of 10 buyers decided to buy something online, seeking to avoid crowds in physical stores. How will the new sanitary conditions impact on consumer expectations during this edition?

According to the Purchase Intention Report, recently presented by the AMVO, 82% of consumers declare that they are thinking of acquiring a product or service during Good End 2021; While 9 out of 10 potential buyers plan to purchase products or services at some point combining the physical and digital channel, and almost 3 out of 10 plan to purchase their items using only the online channel.

This year, the categories with the highest purchase intention are fashion and electronics, with 50% of potential consumers, followed by household appliances, with 39%; and furniture and home decoration, with 32%.

Unlike 2020, this year the main reason for consumers to buy online is to be able to compare prices and variety before purchasing their products, while avoiding crowds in physical stores occupies second place. It is also important to mention that, of the total of potential online consumers, 91% plan to use home delivery during their purchases. Therefore, participating brands must have a logistics strategy that helps them meet their customers’ expectations, delivering the correct products in the expected time.

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