The demand for imported products during the Good End

11 years after the first edition of Buen Fin, this year, the promotions and offers event will take place from November 10 to 16. Throughout this time, thousands of companies have joined, who have had to adapt their way of selling according to the preferences of their consumers.

2020 was perhaps one of the editions of the Good End with the greatest changes, due to the conditions generated by the Covid-19 pandemic: extension of the period of offers, sanitary restrictions within establishments, a great growth of e-commerce, etc.

El Buen Fin 2020 reached sales of 238,900 million pesos during the 12 days in which the offers and discounts were made, amount of which, the electronic commerce paid 30,900 million pesos. However, one of the results that stood out the most was the increase of 20.4% in the sale of imported products; its largest increase in nearly 18 years.

According to the monthly variation of the private consumption indicator of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), the purchase of products manufactured abroad shot up 20.4% during the eleventh month of 2020 and had its largest increase in almost 18 years, since January 2003, when it increased 24.1%. On the other hand, the acquisition of goods and services of national origin barely grew 0.9%, its lowest record since May of that year, when it fell 1.4% in the middle of the National Healthy Distance Day.

Trade in imported goods was favored by the exchange rate, as the dollar fell by almost one peso in November, its biggest drop in six months. A year ago, in November 2019, the sale of products made in the country grew 0.3%, while the trade of foreign merchandise fell 4.4%.

For this year, the Good End is expected to exceed the sales registered in 2020, which is why it represents a great opportunity for all types of companies, including those that carry out imports. At ABC® Logistics, we have the experience and the specialized team to coordinate the importation processes of products from anywhere in the world, as well as the management of the required regulations.

Known here more of our services for imported products and the advantages that we can offer you to boost your business during the Good End and other periods of high demand.