The challenges of e-commerce in the last mile delivery stage

E-commerce is one of the sectors that has grown the most since 2020, not only in Mexico but also throughout LATAM. With this growth, consumer demands have also increased, mainly in delivery times. According to a study by Nielsen, the convenience It is one of the main triggers in purchasing decisions, since buyers seek pleasant experiences, without friction and, above all, to save them time, which has become a challenge for companies and logistics providers.


Last mile delivery or last mile delivery , is the term that receives the last part of the process of delivering an order to the final customer. Therefore, optimizing the delivery of products during the last mile is one of the most important and, above all, most expensive processes for companies. Depending on various factors and process characteristics, last mile logistics costs can range from 13% to 75% of total logistics expenses.


However, customer satisfaction is also very important and it is estimated that around 80% of consumers who have a bad experience in the last mile do not buy from the same e-commerce again.


What are the main challenges facing the last mile?

  • Consumer demands: fast, flexible, inexpensive deliveries and preferably the same day they buy.
  • Real-time delivery tracking.
  • The absence of receivers at the final reception point.
  • The inconveniences and delays generated by traffic, especially in urban areas.
  • Large amount of costs associated with the last stage of purchase.


That is why it is essential to have a logistics service provider with the experience and infrastructure necessary to face these challenges and that, in addition, can offer a complete service of fulfillment that allows savings in time and costs: from the reception, storage, shipment and distribution of the products.


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