The advantages of having a 3PL in the import process

The term 3PL – Third Party Logistics , for its acronym in English— refers to the outsourced services that a company hires to manage logistics and the execution of processes such as transportation and storage of products, inventory management, order preparation, and so on.

Faced with new consumer demands in recent years, the search for more efficient processes and the need to stay competitive, more and more companies are considering hiring a 3PL service, regardless of its size or scope.

There are many advantages of outsourcing logistics operations with a 3PL provider:

  • Reduction of costs of operations, structure and personnel.
  • Experience and specialized equipment for handling merchandise.
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of each client.

These services have also become an added value for companies that carry out imports, since a 3PL logistics provider not only has the ability to coordinate the import process, it also has the necessary experience to carry out regulatory management, in which, the merchandise of foreign origin is subjected to a tax inspection within the customs territory, before it carries out its commercial activity.

In addition, some providers such as ABC® Logística, have the Tax Warehouse service, a customs regime in which merchandise of foreign origin can remain for up to 24 months in a General Deposit Warehouse, without making the corresponding and established tax payments. by customs laws, until the moment the merchandise is withdrawn.

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