Tax Deposit: a tool to boost fulfillment in your e-commerce

Currently, we cannot talk about a successful e-commerce if we do not talk about the services of fulfillment. Having a good product, a great website, and an excellent digital strategy is essential; however, fulfillment is a crucial element in your business operations.

As we have mentioned before, fulfillment is a term used in logistics to define the process that includes all the planning, manufacturing, storage and distribution stages of a product, from the moment an order is received from the customer, until it is delivered to the end customer.

Although, many companies carry out this process internally, since they have the manpower, structure, technology and investment to achieve it; more and more businesses decide to do it through outsourcing. That is, with a logistics service provider that, in addition to efficiently fulfilling the receipt and delivery of orders to end customers, can also provide other value-added services.

At ABC® Logistics we know that thanks to e-commerce, many companies now see the possibility of reaching new markets. For this reason, we offer importers our Tax Deposit service, a Customs Regime that allows us to protect merchandise from abroad within our warehouse enabled as Tax Deposit for up to a period of 24 months, without the need to make the corresponding and established tax payments. by customs laws, until the moment you need it, totally or partially.

Once the merchandise is withdrawn, we have the ability to take it to the end customer through our services of fulfillment , with the advantages offered by our software or WMS (Warehouse Management System ), which allows us to comply with agile and effective operating processes and, at the same time, offer real-time monitoring to our clients.

Learn about these and other value-added services that ABC® Logística offers for your e-commerce here.