Logistical requirements for online sales: does your e-commerce need a 3PL operator?

When we talk about online sales, satisfaction lies mainly in what happens after the customer clicks, until the order arrives at their doorstep. The entire logistics process that goes on behind these steps is what we know as fulfillment .

According to the Mexican Online Sales Association, offer a fulfillment fast and good quality can bring up to 39% of new buyers to an e-commerce. Therefore, more and more companies prefer to have a logistics operator or 3PL ( Third Party Logistics ), in order to meet the demands of its customers efficiently.

What are the services that an e-commerce needs from a 3PL like ABC®, to improve the experience of its customers?

  • Accurate inventory management. Ensuring the adequate amount of merchandise for a given period and anticipating high demand timing are some of the basic needs of an online store, which can only be achieved through proper inventory management. At ABC® Logistics we have software or WMS ( Warehouse Management System ) that allows us to do so as accurately as possible.
  • Warehouse management. In addition, it is important to have a space adapted to the type and quantity of merchandise that you require. Our WMS also allows us to know their exact location within the warehouse, which streamlines the shipping processes.
  • Product packaging. This step is essential to ensure that your products arrive in full at their destination. As a 3PL operator, we have the experience to do just that.
  • Shipping. We have the necessary transportation resources to meet the demand for shipments efficiently and optimizing costs.
  • Track shipments. One of the great uncertainties for many consumers is knowing where their order is and when it will arrive. Our WMS also allows real-time tracking of the goods until they reach the end customer.


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