How to optimize the supply chain for e-commerce?

Since always, the management of the supply chain —SCM, supply chain management , for its acronym in English — has had a strategic role in the sales of a company. Currently, the great growth of online sales has brought changes in various stages of the SCM, mainly in the storage of products and last-mile deliveries, which, in turn, have driven the retailers to generate changes in its logistics management, in order to remain competitive.


What aspects should you consider to improve the logistics management of your business and thus meet the new expectations of customers, especially during seasons with high demand peaks, such as the Hot Sale or the Good End?


  • Efficient storage. This step involves all the processes that are required for the preparation and management of the products in the warehouse (picking), and then pack them, pack them or pack them (packing). Good warehouse inventory management is decisive to avoid product matching errors in orders, as well as to meet delivery deadlines. Using a WMS – Warehouse Management System— allows to improve the efficiency and reliability of these processes.
  • Fast, flexible and accurate shipping. According to him Study on Online Sales 2020 of the AMVO, 62% of buyers affirm that they buy in an e-commerce because they receive their products at home, while 61% do so to save time. Because of this, last-mile deliveries must have the right technologies to provide agility in shipments and the best shopping experience. At this point, the ability to track orders in real time is a plus to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Management of optimal and fast returns. When it comes to e-commerce, returns are very frequent. For this reason, it is essential to have an efficient reverse logistics system. That is, to have logistics technology and an efficient WMS that allow returns to be carried out quickly and efficiently.


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