How to improve logistics efficiency in high e-commerce seasons?

The great changes in consumption habits and the new demands on the needs of consumers have represented a challenge for companies, especially in the area of logistics and warehousing, since many make the mistake of thinking that logistics needs for trade online are the same as in traditional.


The main difference that e-commerce logistics presents versus traditional retail are the peaks in demand that occur in the important seasons of online discounts, such as the Hot Sale or Black Friday, in which sales and sales are potentially increased. the need to deliver the products in the shortest possible time. Therefore, it is important for retailers have a logistics and warehousing service provider that has the ability to meet customer demands during these periods. This year, the Hot Sale will be held from May 23 to 31; Here we present some of the services necessary for your company to be prepared to offer products online during these dates:


  • Efficiency in imports. Many of the products purchased during this season come from abroad; Having a supplier that offers the benefits of a Fiscal Warehouse provides various advantages, such as storing merchandise without paying import taxes in advance and, in addition, it is possible to make partial or total withdrawals, according to needs and demand.
  • WMS ( Warehouse Management System ). A Warehouse Management System facilitates the administration and control of inventories; expedites the review and packaging of merchandise; It gives greater security to the processes, since it helps us to guarantee that the registered inventory matches the physical inventory; In addition, it allows customers to track their purchases in real time.
  • After-sales service. Solving any mishap or error in a satisfactory way and making returns in an agile and easy way for the customer, have also become key factors for companies that want to increase their online sales and generate loyalty among consumers.


At ABC® Logistics we have the services your company needs to meet the high demand from consumers during the Hot Sale. Get in contact with us here and learn more.