How e-commerce is driving sales in the international market?

The growth of e-commerce in our country during 2020 was overwhelming; According to the Mexican Association for Online Sales, electronic commerce in Mexico reached $ 316 billion pesos, which represented a growth of 81%, compared to the previous year. Changes in consumer needs prompted companies to adapt, and now, it also presents new growth opportunities through the search for new markets.


A recent eBay study describes that 22% of current sellers who have managed to make their business recover from the crisis thanks to e-commerce; Similarly, 18% have been able to accelerate their sales to international markets under this sales model.


Many companies that have achieved good sales through e-commerce have also taken advantage of online exports, reaching markets such as North America, where Almost 75% of the country’s articles are exported , or, to Western Europe, which reaches another 10%. Which has brought them benefits such as independence from the local market, increased international sales and more profits.


The data in this study show that there is a great interest of Mexican companies in exports, but ignorance of foreign markets, as well as their regulations and standards, are some of the obstacles they face. That is why, for any business that seeks to reach new markets, it is important to have a 3PL operator who, in addition to advising them on all processes, is in charge of managing their logistics, freight, storage, fulfillment , customs agency, and everything you need to get your goods to the end customer.


At ABC® Logistics, we help our clients who import and export to optimize their technical, financial and human resources within their supply chain, in order to meet the expectations of their consumers.


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