Hot Sale 2021: What products do consumers buy online?

2020 was the beginning of a new era for e-commerce. More than 60% of consumers in countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain consider that their shopping habits have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic; while less than 50% feel comfortable buying in physical stores.

According to a survey conducted by EY Mexico, until October of last year, 70% of Mexicans considered continuing to buy online in the future after the pandemic. According to the London financial services firm, Barclays, e-commerce penetration is expected to double in Mexico in just three years, and will go from contributing 6% of total retail sales to 15% by 2023.

Investments in digital channels, improvements in the purchase and delivery process, greater participation and growth in the number of people who buy online, are some of the projections for e-commerce in our country this 2021. That is why initiatives such as the Hot Sale will take on greater relevance, and brands must prepare to participate and meet consumer expectations. This online event, which in its edition last year broke sales records, exceeding $ 20 billion pesos and a growth for retail of 158% compared to 2019, is scheduled to take place from May 23 to 31 of the present .

Although the most purchased categories during the Hot Sale last year were fashion, electronics, cell phones, electrical appliances, and beauty and personal care; It is interesting to note that others, such as toys and video games, are products that more than 50% of consumers say they already buy regularly online. On the other hand, household appliances, cell phones and electronics are the categories that have been bought the most in Hot Sale in previous years, and they are also the ones that had the highest percentage of buyers who acquired them for the first time online.

Source: Hot Sale Results Report. AMVO, 2020


It is undeniable that e-commerce will benefit all companies that know how to adapt their strategy in the supply chain: from their import process, to the efficiency with which their products will be delivered to the end customer.


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