First results of the Hot Sale 2021: the impulse to e-commerce is here to stay

The Hot Sale has become one of the most important purchase periods for retail in Mexico. Just a few days ago, the week of discounts and promotions that the Mexican Online Sales Association organizes year after year ended, in order to promote electronic commerce in Mexico.

As we all know, in 2020, due to the unusual conditions given by the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce had a very important boost in our country and around the world. This year, the first results of the most recent edition of the Hot Sale indicate that new consumer preferences are here to stay.

According to the financial analyzer Fintonic, the number of users who spent through its platform during the nine days that the Hot Sale 2021 lasted, was 49,234; a higher number, compared to the 2020 edition, which lasted 11 days, and in which there were 36,456 users spending.

On the first day of the Hot Sale, on May 23, the categories in which the most was spent were Home, with an average ticket of 3,040 pesos; Electronic, with 1,780 pesos, and Sports, with 1,500 pesos spent on average.

While on the last day, May 31, priorities changed: the highest spending was concentrated in Electronics, with 5,300 pesos on average; Department Stores, with a ticket of 2,040 pesos and Home, with 1,677 pesos.

Fintonic also analyzed spending by gender for this edition of Hot Sale 2021. This year, the highest spending by women was concentrated in the Electronics category, with 8,158 pesos spent on average.

For its part, the highest spending by men was concentrated in the Home category, with 6,502 pesos spent on average.

Although we are still waiting for the results of the AMVO, without a doubt, these first data give us a clearer idea of the penetration that electronic commerce will have in the new normal in our country. Is your business ready?

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