Advantages of having a 3PL logistics operator

3PL logistics ( Third Party Logistics ), also known as third-party or outsourced logistics, refers to the services that a company contracts with a supplier so that it can carry out its logistics processes, such as storage, order management, shipments or merchandise transport.

One of the main reasons why companies decide to hire a 3PL operator is that they do not have to bear operating, structure and personnel costs, resulting in a short-term economic advantage.

However, given the great growth of electronic commerce during the last year, as well as the new expectations of consumers, mainly in seasons of high demand peaks, there are other competitive advantages for companies that decide to outsource their logistics operations.


  • Technology. Having cutting-edge technological tools, such as a WMS —or Warehouse Management System—, a software capable of controlling inventory and managing daily processes in a simple, agile and controlled way, is a competitive advantage for retailers that seek to provide a good service to its customers and position itself within the e-commerce market.
  • Efficiency in the execution of online processes. The use of a WMS also allows better online control and monitoring of processes. These programs have been implemented to view each delivery in real time automatically.
  • Monitoring of performance through KPI’s. Indicators performance They show us very relevant data to measure the performance of the processes. In the case of logistics processes, a focus on the efficiency of last-mile deliveries can potentially produce significant cost savings for the operation, also applying notable opportunities to improve the service offered to customers.


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