ABC as a strategic ally in the export of products via e-commerce

After a year of growth in the local market, what is the next step for Mexican companies that managed to increase their sales through electronic commerce after 2020?

According to data from the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), 54% of national SMEs are considering exporting their products through electronic commerce, in order to retain new markets and obtain higher profit margins.

However, the execution of exporting products abroad is not as simple as its approach, according to Xavier Aguirre, senior manager of business development at eBay Latin America. There are relevant obstacles and challenges for companies in this process, such as ignorance of the logistics regulations and standards of the countries to which they seek to expand.

Therefore, for these businesses it is essential to have a logistics partner with experience in international trade. At ABC® Logistics, we have helped various clients reach new markets, optimizing technical, financial and human resources, which has allowed them greater growth. Among the services we offer to exporters are:

  • Transportation. We have the ability to offer land, sea or air transportation for your merchandise. The type of transport is defined according to the country of origin and destination, the value and volume of the product, the delivery time, among other factors.
  • Tax deposit. We take care of carrying out the entire inspection process and compliance with the legal and fiscal regulations in force in each country, according to the type of merchandise.
  • We offer a complete solution for handling merchandise through our WMS ( Warehouse Management System) ; from storage, inventory control, order management and control, packaging, shipping and monitoring, until the product reaches the end customer.


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