Steps to do the Fulfillment process correctly

pasos para hacer fulfillment

Fulfillment is very relevant in your business, this set of processes goes from inventory management to product shipments, so it will make the difference between a successful business and one that fails.

Fulfillment is defined in English as order fulfillment, and is basically the set of processes in which the receipt and storage of such inventory in the online store for subsequent distribution or preparation for delivery to the customer is included.

Likewise, this is a topic that has a lot to give, so we invite you to continue reading this article and take note to have a good foundation on fulfillment and get the most out of it.

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What is Fulfillment in logistics?

As you could notice in the previous point, fulfillment refers to the whole process in which a customer makes a purchase online and receives the product at home or at any given delivery point.

It is basically a process that involves the receiving, shipping, and packaging of such orders.

All this of course has to do with eCommerce, or, on the contrary, of the company specializing in logistics.

This aspect is fundamental in any online store, yet it is not always done the way it should be.

A product ordered by a customer goes through many controls and manipulations until it reaches its destination, so it must be handled in an optimal way so that this does not represent a 70% loss in the value of the order.

Fulfillment is a process, a process that consists of several parts, as well as two approaches, internal fulfillment and external fulfillment. But understanding the fundamental parts is more than enough.

He also stressed the importance of having the proper advice to avoid making many mistakes in this regard.

Advantages of a good Fulfillment

So far we know that fulfillment is the whole process that a product goes through in terms of logistics, i.e. its reception, preparation and subsequent shipment of the order.

In that sense, if carried out in the right way, the advantages of fulfillment for a business are:

Increases business profitability

Offering a good Fulfillment Service The key to meet the requirements of customers, who are increasingly demanding online and are in a constant search for immediacy, is to ensure that this aspect will ensure the loyalty of buyers and will increase the rate of concurrence of the business.

Improved service quality

In eCommerce fulfillment, just as the customer’s happiness is important, so is yours as the business owner.

With this in mind, it is important to hire a logistics partner that will take care of avoiding damage to the merchandise, and also to guarantee the fastest possible shipment of the products.

Likewise, it is important to ensure that you do a good job on returns, something that is more common than it seems and should be handled in the best way.

Saving time and money

Having everything related to logistics and the fulfillment process well established and outsourced is key, and its main benefit is seen in the cost and time savings in handling the shipment.

This is beneficial because it avoids hiring additional personnel to manage good logistics, in addition to those in charge of managing shipments and negotiating with the different delivery partners.

Allows the expansion of operations in other markets

Outsourcing logistics in an online store is extremely positive, as it gives you the possibility to look for a partner in the state of expansion in other markets, making consumers increasingly larger and, therefore, the brand will benefit.

Fulfillment Process Steps

The Fulfillment process of an eCommerce can be broadly divided into three stages, which we will discuss below:

Storage stage

This stage is concerned with the location, condition and control of inventory. Likewise, many eCommerce companies decide to outsource logistics, so that they can store their products and thus facilitate the location and subsequent dispatch of each item.

Receiving stage

This is the stage where customer orders are received for purchase, payments are verified, inventory availability is checked and products are ordered for selection and packaging.

Shipment of goods stage

Here the products are selected and packed in a way that organizes the shipment of the goods to establish a tracking of the goods and ensure their delivery and transport status.

This is when it becomes necessary to have a returns process in order to guarantee a final reception of the goods.

How to build customer loyalty with Fulfillment?

The success of a fulfillment process is determined by customer satisfaction, as the brand implies that it delivers what it promised in the pre-sales phase.

This is when the speed and efficiency of the brand to act comes into play, as well as its ability to respond to the concerns and needs of customers, because the goal should always be to provide a good service and a pleasant experience that the person wants to repeat.

This is the best way to grow the brand, as it will attract more people and it will be a circle that will get bigger and bigger.

To achieve this, it is essential to review the Fulfillment process, that everything ordered by the customer is delivered quickly and in optimal conditions; to offer a good service in general, providing return options, disbursement, and feedback.

This will help you avoid customer disappointment, so make the most of fulfillment and grow your business by building customer loyalty.

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