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Power your online store with digital marketing

Opening the doors of your digital store is just the beginning of a series of actions that you will need to implement so that those virtual storefronts that you elaborate with so much care, appear before the eyes of your target audience.
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We are talking about achieving the right positioning in Google so that your ecommerce appears in the first positions of the so coveted first page; to open the appropriate communication channels for online stores and , among many other measures, to increase traffic to your virtual business.

All of these, and many more, are unique competencies of digital. marketing digital. This discipline has the enormous responsibility of boosting your sales. For this reason, we will talk to you about the tools that will make the marketing your most valuable strategy if you want to take your business online.

Marketing and its most effective tools for extending the reach of your online store

The main purpose of venturing to open an online store is to reach beyond the limits of your geography. Besides selling in every corner of your country, what really interests you is to cross the Atlantic and make people from all over the world enjoy your products and, consequently, you enjoy the benefits of such a rewarding way of doing business.

However, from the opening of online stores, such as those offered by Shopify, VTEX and WooCommerce, for example, there is a long way to go. As if that weren’t enough, every step of the way we have to be prepared to break down the objections of our potential buyers.

Find out what the main user barriers are when buying online, according to Julio Palomino, director of Lavinia’s online store.

The good news is that marketing digital has been improving thanks to its constant evolution, and today it can offer you high impact and proven effective solutions to achieve those goals you have set for yourself.

Logistics as a catapult to an efficient and compliant enterprise

First of all, and before we get into the tools of the online marketingyou need to have a warehouse with sufficient capacity to house your precious merchandise, with the right strategies to ensure that your fulfillment to your customers is 100 %, with the software and with appropriately qualified personnel to correctly apply the work methodologies of the warehouse.

If your company does not have this sector, both physically and strategically, it is time to think about outsourcing this service and entrust it to a 3PL operator (link to the article Advantages of a 3PL in times of high demand) and thus benefit from all the advantages that such a company can offer your company. online store.

Now, let’s see which are the star tools of a good marketing strategy:

SEO – the tool to come out of invisibility

You have a range of products that satisfy an important demand that has opened up in the market. You have a fabulous team of collaborators that constantly monitors the market and makes the pertinent adjustments so that the products remain at the forefront of existing needs. And, no small detail, you have all your hopes pinned on this venture. So, are you going to let random chance take care of your visibility? Because we have something very important to tell you: Google does not understand chance, but only algorithms.

That’s why we would like to recommend SEMrush, the digital marketing digital tool in which you can not only study the impact of your digital actions, but also that of your competitors.

Content Marketing

This tool is proof of your altruism as a company, something that is highly appreciated by your buyer persona. Creating content takes considerable time or, if you delegate it, investment. However, this content, which must be of value and relevance to your audience, is not intended to sell directly, but is a «gift» that you give to the person who lands on your website. blog of your ecommerceWe are here to help you make your life easier.

To implement this strategy correctly, you will need to conduct research to be aware of what your audience needs to know and wants to hear. At the end of your useful tips or the compilation of news that you have captured in your article, you will be able to leave the lure towards the long-awaited sale of your products.

Google Analytics

This valuable tool allows you to examine what happens behind the scenes of your ecommerce, as it acts as if it were a camera that films everything your visitors do. Therefore, you will know from which channel your visitors come from, how they use your store and, of course, the percentage of abandoned carts. With the Google Analytics report in hand, you will know what actions to take to improve the user experience and to boost sales.

Social networks

Your ecommerce must be connected to your social networks and vice versa. Networks are the great showcase for your current customers and for those you are still trying to attract to your business. In them you will be able to create attractive content, organize sweepstakes and sneak into the lives of your potential buyers to wish them a very good day from a cup containing your steaming coffee. In the networks you can unleash your creativity, take motivation to another level and be as subliminal as your advertising team dares to be.


According to the principles of neuromarketing neuromarketing According to the principles of neuromarketing, product turnover can be driven by the message conveyed by its packaging. Colors, gloss (or lack thereof), texture, lettering and even the degree of reusability of the packaging material are key aspects to get your product from the warehouse to the hands that need it, in the shortest possible time.

How can the marketing strategy marketing strategy promote product rotation

A product that sits idle in a warehouse sooner or later becomes a loss. All the time and resources invested in its creation and subsequent improvement, will die within four walls while

A competent marketing strategy will marketing will prevent the expiration date from finding your product immobile and unable to go out into the world.

All the tools we’ve talked about are designed to activate buying triggers or, in some cases, to measure whether they are working as they should, so you can move to the next step in your business plan.

At ABC Logística we have the perfect space for your products to rest in the best conditions that the market currently offers. Of course, we want them to reach their rightful owners in the shortest possible time. That’s why we have compiled the best tools for marketing for your ecommerce .

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